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RCM-1202C Embroidery Machine

RCM-1202C Embroidery Machine

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Model: RCM-1202C Net Weight: 390 kgs. / 858 lbs.
Needles: 12 E.M.R. Area: 400 x 450 (15.7 x 17.7 in.)
Head(s): 2 Machine Size: 152 x 87 x 140 cm (60 x 34 x 55 in.)

Main Features
  • 12 needles, 2 heads, suitable for flat bed embroidery, cap embroidery and finished garments embroidery
  • Embroidery area: 400 x 450 mm, or 15.7" x 17.7"
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Maximum speed 1000 SPM
  • 270° wide cap frame unit
  • 5" High Definition color LCD display showing real time stitching
  • Built-in 3.5" floppy reader.
  • USB port ready
  • Auto color change
  • Thread break detection
  • Pre-Sew Design Trace capable
  • Memory size: 1,000,000 stitches
  • Electricity: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz available
  • Start, Stop, and Emergency Stop
  • On-board lettering

Full Color Control Panel Included
  • 5" color LCD display showing real time stitching
  • Function keys including Menu, SPeed up and Slow down (also Page Up and Page Down), Help, Floppy Input, Parameter Settings, Clear, ESC, Enter, etc.
  • Numeric keys for selection of needles
  • Frame-moving keys
  • Manual Trimming
  • Manual Color Change
  • Embroidery Status
  • Embroidery Method
  • Dot Key to return to 100 degrees
Compact Control Panel

Frames / Hoops Included
  • 1 Sash Frame for flat embroidery
  • 2 sets of back hoops for 30cm x 30cm (11.80" x 11.80") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 19cm (7.50") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 15cm (5.90") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 12cm (4.70") for each head
  • 2 sets of front hoops of 9cm (3.50") for each head

Frames / Hoops

Cap Attachment Included Accessories Included Options
  • 270° Wide Cap Driver, 1 set
  • Cap Frames, 2 sets
  • Snap in and Snap out Cap Change Device, 1 set

  • Table and stand with wheels for easy moving around, 70 x 70 x 78 cm or 27.50" x 27.50" x 30.50" with the net weight of 38 kilograms
  • Operation Manual
  • Tool Kit

Sequin Device (Optional)
Sequin Device

5 Years Factory Warranty