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Nancy Gil - The Success Story
"We started our embroidery business 2 years ago with a single head machine. Business has grown so fast that we had to get a multi-head machine to fill the orders. Fortunately enough, we found the RiCOMA 6 head machine, which is the most affordable embroidery machine we have ever seen and no doubt the best buy in the market."

"After using this machine for over 6 months now, we are impressed by the performance of the machine and the service behind the machine. We will definately get another RiCOMA multi-head machine down the road."

Bernarda HueteBernarda Huete
"I chose RiCOMA embroidery equipment for several reasons. First of all, their pricing makes it possible to buy a two head machine for the price that other companies charge for a single head machine, allowing me to double the production for my investment dollar."

"Secondly, thier D.I.S.C. digitizing software, support, and training allowed me to begin creating my own designs immediately."

Finally, whenever I need a question answered, I can reach them seven days a week. For my investment dollar, RiCOMA from RiCOMA International Corporation was the right decision."

Jerry SchellerJerry Scheller - (Special Products Group)
"We have been offering embroidery with our products for several years. With the steady growth of our business, we needed more embroidery equipment. The technician that had been servicing our machines suggested by RiCOMA embroidery machines. After comparing prices, we just ordered a six head RiCOMA machine to try.
We were so satisfied with the quality and performance of the marchine that we have since added on another six head. Now we have twice as much embroidery capacity for our investment dollar as what was offered to us by some other suppliers. We would recomend RiCOMA to anyone shopping for embroidery machines."

Robert Bernal - (Kamisetas)Robert Bernal - (Kamisetas)

"We are a screen-printing company from Panama. We decided to add embroidery in house. After shopping around we found RiCOMA to be affordable. We could not have afforded thismuch embroidery capacity from any other supplier. The quality of embroidery is at least as good as we were getting done by other embroiders. We are able to make more profit than if we had bigger payments offered by other embroidery machine suppliers."

Sam Lehrfeld Knee - (Draggers.com Inc.)

"To RiCOMA, thank you also for everything. I received the starter kit today too! You guys are unbelievable, and it has been a great experience buying your machine so far.
I wanted you to know that I received the machine already today! This transaction with you has been one of the best and most pleasant transactions I have ever had and I have dealt with a lot of people. I wanted to thank you again for your prompt communication and outstanding service.  I look forward to buying some more heads in the future!"