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RiCOMA TexPro Digital Garment Printer
  • EPSON Advanced MicroPiezo® AMC™ print head with ink repelling coating technology ensures consistent output
  • Revolutionary alternative to thermal transfer and expensive screen printing
  • Prints directly from your computer on T-shirts and garments for a fraction of the cost of screen printing
  • Auto head alignment and cleaning technology
  • Epson UltraChrome K3™ with Vivid Magenta ink technology
  • Professional-level pigment-based ink technology
  • Easy to set up and easy to operate
  • No need for separations, screens or manual screen print setup
  • High resolution 2880x2880 dpi printing of up to 64.2 million colors on an area up to 17”x25”
  • Durable quality water-based inks withstand repeated washing
  • Compact size requires minimal space
  • Network capability provides large production capacity

Printing Method

Direct Inkjet Garment Printer

Max printing area

432mm x 640mm (17" x 25")

Platen Height Adjust

Manual 12cm (4.8")

Machine size L x W x H

830mm (W) x 860mm (D) x 520mm (H) (Approx. 33” x 34” x 20”)

Machine Weight

230lb (105kg)

Ink Type

Water Base Pigment Ink

Ink Color

8 colors (C, LC, M, LM, Y, LK, LLK + PK or MK )

Ink volume

Up to 350cc usable ink

Ink-Head Type

Advanced MicroPiezo® AMC™ print head

Number of Ink-Heads

8 heads, 1 for each color and a total of 720 nozzles

Ink-Head Resolution

2880 x 2880 (dpi)

Print Mode

Single, Double

Printed Substrate

100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester

Operating system requirements

Windows® 2000/XP/Vista


50F(10C) to 95F(35C) Humidity 20 - 85% RH


USB (USB1.1/2.0), Compact Flash

Power consumption

90VA (average), 20VA (idling)

Power supply

AC115V 60Hz or AC220V 50Hz available



Ink Cartridge


Data cable


Power cable


Driver CD


Chip resetter


A2 Platen 432mm x 640mm (17" x 25")


A3 Platen 297mm x 420mm (11.69 x 16.54)


Operation Manual


Refill and suction tube


Q&A TexPro Digital Garment Printer

Q. What type of printer is this?
A. The printer is a computer controlled large format ink jet printer that prints directly on to your garments.

Q. Are the prints produced very detailed?
A. The printer produces graphics with up to 2880 Dpi. Process screen-printing is approximately 72 Dpi

Q. How many colors will the printer produce?
A. By using the 8-color printing process, it can produce over 64 Million colors.

Q. How is the ink supplied to the printer?
A. By 8 ink cartridges.

Q. How long does it take to print a shirt?
A. It really depends on the design, but a standard sized 10"X12" design can be produced in about a minute.

Q. Is there any post treating of the garment after printing?
A. Yes. Use a regular heat-press set at 356 degree F and press for 35 seconds.

Q. What color of garments can it print on?
A. We can print on white and many light or pastel color shirts, additionally some dark color shirts as well.

Q. Can we print on dark color shirts?
A. It depends on the color of the garment. But it cannot print on black due to the printer not having white ink.

Q. Will the ink withstand washing?
A. Yes, it withstands extensive washing, durable in most cases equal to or better than Screen Printing.

Q. What is the maximum printing size?
A. It is 17" wide X 25" long.

Q. How much does it cost to print a shirt?
A. It depends on the amount of ink used. A standard design uses about a $1 worth of ink.

Q. What is the machine's size and weight?
A. The printer is 34" long x 33.0" wide x 20"tall. It weighs about 230 lbs.

Q. Is any special software or a RIP required?
A. No, graphics can be produced by using most of major Windows based design software programs. But RIP software will help improve imaging quality.

Q. How do you connect the PC to the printer?
A. The printer connects via a USB cable (included).

Q. Is any special power supply required?
A. No. This printer works with regular AC power 115V or 220V depending on which country it is used.

Q. What kind of ink is used?
A. It is a water-based ink developed especially for printing on garments.

Q. What types of fabric can it print on?
A. You can print on a variety of fabric types, however, best quality results are achieved using 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% poly blends.

Q. When the garment is being printed how do you keep ink from bleeding from the front to the back?
A. There is no need as the ink does not bleed through the shirt.

Q. How is a garment loaded into the printer?
A. The garment is slipped on to the printer's platen much like a garment is loaded on to a screen-printing machine.

Q. Is financing available?
A. Yes through third party leasing companies.

Q. Can you print on sleeves?
A. Sure. It would be easier if you press the sleeve before printing and adjust platen height accordingly.

Q. Can you use this printer to print on a transfer paper and then transfer it?
A. No. Our ink is not transferable.

Q. What operating system(s) is required?
A. Windows Vista, or Windows XP Home or professional, or Windows 2000.

Q. Can the printer be used on a network of PCs?
A. Yes. You can share one printer with multiple networked PCs using Windows printer-sharing function.
Why Choose Digital Garment Printing
  • Garment printing has never been faster, easier, or more economical.
  • Digital printing eliminates the screen making process as well as messy screen printing inks and clean up. Therefore there is less mess, less cost, and less set-up times than traditional screen printing.
  • Digital printing is the best option for short runs and one-of-a-kind prints on garments. Each T-shirt can have its own high resolution design printed in a single pass.
  • There are endless applications and possibilities: T-shirts, sports shirts, golf shirts, jeans, dresses, blouses, aprons, baby items, head gear, towels, pillow cases, embroidered garment fill-in, and more. You are only limited by your own imagination.
  • It offers great profit potential. The per-print cost of ink is subject to variables like image size and the percent of coverage. However, the average per-print cost of a full-size image on white and light garments is between $0.50 cents and $1.00 dollar. The average per-print cost on black and dark garments is between $3.00 and $4.00. The entire process is fast and easy to learn. A new hire can learn to run the system in 15 minutes.
  • Its compact size takes up a minimum space.
  • The time tested Epson technology guarantees minimal maintenance.
  • The network ready technology ensures production capacity.